Speaker Tape Reviewal Committee One Day at a Time One Tape at a Time

About the Speaker Tape Reviewal Committee

It's sometime wondered how we get our Speaker, Workshop, and InTown Retreat tapes onto our website. Well it's thanks to volunteers at San Jose SAA who volunteer their time to listen to tapes that haven't been approved yet.

It's thanks to volunteers in our rooms who agree to edit & review tapes in order for us to get them online for the world to see!


How do I get to listen to the San Jose SAA InTown Retreat 2019 session tapes now that I missed it?


Easy! If you're available to listen to the tapes and you meet the requirements below.

You're welcome to listen to the tapes for reviewal.

What's the requirements to review a tape?

As a group conscious we decided that an individual tape reviewer needs to be sober a minimum of 3 months or in the fellowship at least 6 months before they're able to review any tapes. This type of service is made available to members who attend meetings at San Jose SAA.

There's also a membership requirement to San Jose SAA meaning you've attended 6 meetings at our location or online via Zoom in the last 6 months.

How fast do tapes get reviewed?

That depends on how many people volunteer to review tapes and the requested need for the tapes. The committee size changes and is sometimes difficult to maintain. We would prefer to have people reviewing the tapes to not do the service position more than 3 months in a row. The more people to review tapes the quicker the process.

That's why we've made the this process much easier.

How do I volunteer for this Service Committee?

Email us at sjsaa.outreach@gmail.com.  Please put "Speaker Tape Review" in the subject line.

You can access this password protected page here

As long as you meet our review requirements above you are welcome to review our not yet approved Speaker Tapes. You'll find a introductory audio clip on the next page. Once you gain access.