About Us

Where Do We Host our SAA Meetings?

We've moved a few times over the past decade but our current location is

In Person Meetings are located at:
1701 S. College Ave., Tempe AZ 85281

We also offer online meetings (via Zoom) as an alternative which are hosted independently of our In-Person meetings. It's highly encouraged that you can make it to an in-person meeting to attend that meeting. However, if you are out of state or the drive is too long; you can attend our online meetings as well. 

If you’re interested in visiting our fellowship, please see our meetings list.

Our Motto

Recovery is not only possible, but probable, through working the 12 Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous. Our room has grown from a dingy room full of plastic lawn chairs to what it is now. Which to many of us, is our home group. The men & women in our group are here to welcome anyone who walks through our door for the first time, whether you may think you may have a problem with sex addiction or you want to learn more about our program of recovery. If you’re interested in visiting our fellowship, please see our meetings list.

Our History

San Jose SAA started out as a small group of addicts coming together to find recovery. Over time our group grew from 5 meetings a week in 2013 to 19 meetings a week, 2 quarterly event meetings, and a monthly business meeting by 2018. Our attendance continues to increase as we help more and more people recover from sexual addiction by sharing our experience, strength and hope through working the Twelve Steps of SAA.

The Name

Where did we get our group’s name from? Our original meeting place was in the San Jose Plaza on South San Jose in Mesa, AZ which is now a well known coffee shop. In one of our business meetings, we discussed what our group’s name would be prior to our move. The group conscience concluded on San Jose SAA as our name. Not to be confused with San Jose, CA 😉

If your curious about our group come check us out, email us, or give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact info can be found in the Footer of this Page.