August 2018

On Brotherly Love

8th Step: Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

What’s it all about???
For many of us in recovery the 8th Step can seem like a little too much…ya know? In part, that may be because it is not uncommon to work Step 8 all the while having fearful eye on Step 9. The fear of the future, facing some possibly tough conversations, facing the wreckage of our past, as well as other factors can distract from the true spiritual principles behind this step.
Our recovery literature does not come right out and identify the spiritual principles behind each step. Through working with a sponsor and others in the program, I have come to learn that the 8th Step is about the principles of love of others or brotherly love and responsibility. It has also been my experience that the principles behind Step 8 are comprised not only of Step 8 but also the spiritual principles behind all the preceding steps: honesty, acceptance, surrender, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, and humility.
For me, the 8th Step was not a single event, or an isolated step. It was and is one step in a series of 12. The principles I am practicing in Step 8 are built on the principles shared with me through the previous 7 Steps, which were established on a foundation of sobriety. My experience has been that any break in that linkage, the linkage that starts with sobriety and connects me to God, through the steps and through the spiritual principles they teach me, puts all future growth, all future spiritual principles out of my reach.



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