July 2018


It has been my experience that humility is a prerequisite to recovery and change. Thinking “I got this” allows my own weaknesses and defects to impede change and I persist in the fantasy of control. The defining characteristic of humility is the submission of my will to God’s will, “I can’t... He can... and I will let him”. Only by turning the fight over to God do I finally allow changes to occur. Webster defines humility as “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people”. I used to use humiliation and shame to try to be humble. Believing I was worthless was just as damaging as pride. It was not enough for me to stop believing I was better than, but I also had to believe I was worth saving. There in-between the two extremes I find my “right size” which allows me to let go while also having hope and faith that God loves me enough to catch me when I do. It allows me to be honest with myself about changes I need. Humility allows me to give to God the only thing that is truly mine to give him... my will.


-Anonymous Member

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