October 2018

Business Meeting

The October Business Meeting is just around the corner—this coming Saturday, October 6. Please consider attending, so that you can stay current on our fellowship's activities and have your voice heard among our group conscience. The direction of San Jose is up to all of us, and attending the monthly Business Meetings gives each member an opportunity to decide that direction.

San Jose 2nd Annual In-Town Retreat

San Jose hosted the 2nd annual In Town retreat on Saturday, September 29th. We had over 60 people attend and it was a capacity crowd. The speakers were all excellent and hit it out of the park with their messages of how they got their lives back through the 12 steps of SAA. All 12 of the steps were covered and each speaker brought a unique perspective. Participants felt that they got great ideas about how to improve their own recoveries and how to apply the principles to get their lives back as well. The energy level was high, and people commented about how much they enjoyed being there.
As usual the St. Francis Renewal Center was awesome. One of our own members did a phenomenal job with the breakfast. If you didn't get there early, you may have missed the amazing food. Overall, it was great experience and we got great feedback regarding what we can do next year. The success of this event will build a solid foundation for the next one.
There were several volunteers who participated and contributed to putting the event together and without some of them it would not have come together nearly as well. It was a very solid team effort!
Thank you to all participated and attended.
San Jose SAA In Town Retreat Committee

On Perseverance

10th Step: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

I define perseverance as one's ability to weather through a storm, chaos, and insanity, a wave of tsunami magnitude and strength; and in the matter of a recurring event of similar or greater proportions, to come out ahead, stronger than before.
I learned the act or skill of perseverance at a very young age, when I hadn't even reached age 8. Surviving childhood hysteria, trauma, and PTSD between the ages of 1 through age 7, I mastered the skill of survival before I would even know when and how I would resort to using it to get through any difficult, challenging, or life-threatening situation.
I would either create or find myself in precarious situations that required me to apply any means to get what I wanted, to become the "artful dodger", and escape the grips of danger time and again. Because I somehow knew that I would come out to experience the good and normalcy in life only to return to my pattern of self-sabotaging and destructive ways.
Each episode would follow in the same pattern and method as before, with my violating or being incongruent with my authentic self. What I felt or believed was wrong and took a very strong stand against, I would conveniently forget and ultimately engage in doing, even putting myself in harm's way or life threatening situations.
While in my active addiction, persevering, or being persistent repeatedly allowed me to stay alive and grow even stronger in self-will, despite all the emotional pain I inflicted on myself and others. These unhealthy, self-destructive/self-sabotaging behaviors would continue from the time I was robbed of my childhood to the age of 52, when family's intervention save me from self-destruction and brought me to recovery, treatment, and the rooms of the Twelve Steps.
When I succumbed to my addict's regular calling, overwhelming feelings of grief, agony, and despair would invariably follow every occurrence of acting out and using. Now, in recovery, my acts of perseverance have shifted to repeatedly relying on willingness to call on my Higher Power for help; trusting that my family and fellowship has only care and concern for me; never giving up on the faith, hope, and belief that one day, this too shall pass or be more manageable; and, to keep coming back and to do what is suggested in SAA as a means for me to stay abstinent, if not sober, from my darkest inner-circle behaviors, through one day into the next; to find comfort in knowing that it is my Higher Power's will that I not act out; to remain strong and vigilant against threats to my sobriety.

Service Opportunities

Why Service?

As sex addicts, we have been selfish and self centered. Service to our fellows gets us out of ourselves and builds our commitment to the group. Pick up a service opportunity right away; it’s time you WON’T be acting out!

Trusted Servant

Acting as The Trusted Servant (the one who leads an individual meeting) is a great way to be a part of the group and gain a worthwhile commitment.
Anyone can do it! There is no sobriety requirement to lead a meeting and the instructions are easy to follow.
Sign-up early for the following month to get yourself a wonderful and rewarding service position. Noon and morning meetings are always looking for Trusted Servants. Sign up on the boards in the room at San Jose.

Room Maintenance

Cleaning Windows
Sweeping Outside
Watering Plants
Trash Removal

Committees and Sub-Committees

Service committees welcome help from any member who has available time to serve. Committees such as Activities, Intergroup, Newsletter, Retreat, and Outreach, to name a few.
  • Prison Outreach is actively looking for assistance with our prison outreach efforts.
  • If you would like to contribute to this Newsletter, please reach out to sjsaa.outreach@gmail.com

Updated Meeting Formats

Did you know? We have two updated meeting formats beginning this month. First, on Mondays at 12:00PM, the new format will be a Closed Popscicle Stick discussion. Second, Tuesdays at 5:00PM will be a Closed Green Book Study meeting.
Please show support for these new meeting formats with your attendance and participation.

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