Our Literature Our Literature

“Our message is simple and profound: that recovery from sex addiction is possible through working the Twelve Steps of SAA, and that following this program results in a spiritual awakening.” — Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 59


SAA's Basic Text

The Green Book

As the SAA Fellowship began to grow over time it became apparent that SAA needed a basic text to read at our meetings about to gain and achieve lasting sobriety from Addictive Sexual Behaviors. Thus the Green Book was created as the need became apparent for our fellowship. With that said, many of our meetings at San Jose use the Green Book, and SAA's many literature resources to help facilitate our meetings.

If your interested in checking out the book our ISO* site has a digital copy you could read online as a sample here. If your new we would recommend you read Our Addiction on page 7 of their digital copy. However when inside our rooms we don't use digital devices during meetings. If you don't have a physical copy of the Green Book we have plenty to share.


SAA's Meditation Book

Voices of Recovery

Finally realizing its completion. The ISO of SAA released the Daily Meditation Book Voices of Recovery. The book itself was created by the submissions of members that are part of the SAA Fellowship worldwide. Our group sells copies of this literature in our meetings at cost & uses with book in our meditation meetings.

*ISO - International Service Organization of SAA