Business Meetings

Tradition Nine: SAA, as such, ought never be organized, but our groups may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

How to Attend

To keep meetings going we have monthly business meetings. Business Meetings are held the 1st Saturday of the Month at 10am.


If you're looking to attend a Business Meeting hosted on Zoom please reach out the Secretary at with the Subject: "looking to attend the business meeting".

You should get a response fairly quickly with the information to attend the Zoom Meeting. After emailing the secretary chair please review the ByLaws below.

San Jose SAA ByLaws

San Jose SAA follows our very own created ByLaws in our Business Meetings to help keep order and accomplish agenda items in a reasonable time frame. The ByLaws were created based on Roberts Rules; however, San Jose SAA doesn't support nor endorse Roberts Rules. We have found them useful in completing business-related tasks. If your looking to attend a Business Meeting it is highly encouraged that you review our ByLaws.

Agenda Items

To address the needs of our fellowship at our monthly Business Meetings we go over items added to the agenda as Old Items, and New Items.

Old Items are agenda items we didn't get to address within the 2 hour meeting time frame or the person wasn't available to address the issue.

New Items are submitted via the link below and as long as its been submitted 7 days before the next Business Meeting the item will be added to the meeting as a New Agenda Item. Note after committee reports are done the agenda items follow. If there are any old items not addressed they will be addressed prior to newly submitted agenda items.

The link below is a summary of the proposed changes to the By-laws which will be presented and voted upon in for a second time in December business meeting.

Meeting Minutes

If you failed to attend a Business Meeting know that we do record the Meeting Minutes of every Business Meeting. You can access past Meeting Minutes with the button below. Note that if the meeting was within the last 7 days please allow the Secretary enough time to make the new Meeting Minutes public.

2023 Board and Committee Officers

  • Chair -- Lisa J.
  • Vice-Chair -- Al P.
  • Secretary -- Jason Ree.
  • Treasurer -- Erik B.


  • Online Meetings Committee -- Art R.
  • In-Person Meetings Committee -- Adam R.
  • Hospitals & Institutions Committee -- Steven M.
  • Activities Committee -- Josh P.
  • Facilities Committee -- Preston W.
  • GSR -- Tom N.
  • Chips & Literature Committee -- Drew D.
  • Communications Committee -- Jason R.
  • Online Presence Chair -- Rob S.
  • Audio Review Committee -- Steve T.


Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for doing service!