Meeting List

Important Information Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are providing electronic meeting formats only starting Monday, April 6.   Face-to-face meetings are suspended indefinitely. We will update the website if there are any changes.

Meetings are where most of us first encounter the steps, learn about the program, find our sponsors, and share with others our desire for recovery.

Closed  Only for individuals who are, or think they may be a sex addict. Newcomers are welcome at closed meetings.
OpenOpen to anyone who is interested in learning more about SAA.

You can check out the other SAA meetings in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Zoom Meeting ID: 347 198 8760

If you are accessing Zoom from your computer & your the Trusted Servant click here. For access to all the Zoom phone lines click here. If your inside New York there will also be a different phone line you'll be calling through. San Jose does not endorse or support Zoom Meeting software however we may use it to host our tele-meetings in a safe and friendly environment online. If your looking for the Zoom Meeting Readings click here